Passwordless login via ssh in just 2 commands!
René Dohmen
November 16, 2013
1 min

I already wrote some earlier posts on this topic; but I found a new command: ssh-copy-id; it’s brilliant.

First create your SSH Keypair by running ssh-keygen this will create an id_rsa and id_rsa.pub file. The pub file is what goes on the servers, the private key (id_rsa) is what stays with you and is how you identify yourself.

Next copy the public key to your server with ssh-copy-id user@server replacing user with your remote user and server with the machine DNS name or IP address. It’ll prompt for your SSH password, enter it and if all completes successfully you’ll be able to access the machine via ssh user@server without needing a password.

It will create a authorized_keys if needed; or add an entry to it.

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