Migrating a wordpress blog with content to a pelican based static html site
René Dohmen
December 13, 2018
1 min

After the last wordpress update/configuration hickup I finally had it. For years I had struggled to keep the damn thing running. When I started the blog it wass all fine, but over the years it got a bit messy. It’s also quite difficult to host stuff from the default wordpress docker from the /blog/ folder. Enabling https involved search replace in sql files. etc.

So I decided to convert it to a static site wth good support for showing/displaying code.

Description of the import process

Import commando’s:

Tweaking and theming of Pelican

Example of the generated a conf file:


I wrote my own small theme, based on regular semantic UI, but with a dark theme.

You can get it here: https://github.com/acidjunk/pelican-semantic-ui-dark


As expected: quite a mess in the wordpress backup. I had to fix a lot of small issues to get most of my posts back. But pelican has a great warning/error system so basically it boiled down to two evenings correcting stuff to get almost 250 posts back online.


I still need to investigate how to keep the old URL’s intact and how to handle attachments. The media/image files are nicely copied into the pelican tree: but I expect that I will need some sort of image pipeline that is capable of doing some resize/crop stuff.

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