Installing Odoo/OpenERP 8 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
René Dohmen
September 14, 2014
1 min

What is Odoo?

Recently OpenERP is re-branded to Odoo. OpenERP was primarily an Open Source Enterprise Resource (ERP) software suite of business applications that includes Sales Management, Manufacturing, Purchase Management, E-commerce, POS, Accounting & Finance, CRM, and Project Management, to name just a few. However, having recently released a range of new and diverse applications, and with the promise that by using its system, ‘a business can go from zero to trading online quicker than ever’.

In new release they have included Website Builder, POS applications and the eCommerce storefront, Timetracker, Employee evaluations, Assets management, An flexible XMLRCP API, Payrolling, Invoice and Quote generator, Blog, the community has moved into a new territory — a territory in which no ERP has gone before.

Install Odoo (Open ERP v8) on Ubuntu 12.04 from launchpad

So let’s install it.

Install required packages:

Install supporting packages:

Create a new system user and database user:

Install Odoo itself:

Edit configuration (e.g. sudo vim /etc/openerp-server.conf):

Set permissions, setup logging and logrotate:

Start the server:

At the moment Odoo8 is not suitable for production environments; wait for an stable release... But if you just want to play and fiddle around with the next generation of open source ERP systems; it has a lot of cool new options.

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