Clean up a Ubuntu server boot partition
René Dohmen
November 13, 2015
1 min

When you choose the default partition plan on a Ubuntu server you likely end up with a small boot partition.

If you don’t reboot your server on a regular basis you have a rather big chance of a full boot partition after a couple of automatic updates.

2 options:

Option 1: you have a bit space left

When you apt-get is stell working normally you can do this to purge older kernels:

Show current running kernel: uname -r

Show installed kernels dpkg --list ‘linux-image*| grep \^ii

Delete all kernels excepts for the running kernel and the kernel with the highest number:

Purging a kernel: apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-51-generic

After that you can run a apt-get autoremove

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