Usplash modding

HOW-TO make custom usplash art After only being able to find posts of people asking this question i decided to explore and find out how to do it. Great thanks to garry for his tuto at –…onID=21&page=1 So first things first, create an image you wont to use for usplash try and keep the colours […]

Reverse SSH tunnel

Als linux guru wil je graag per SSH van alles doen maar wat nou als de linux computer waar je op wil inloggen zich in een ander netwerk bevind, achter een router/firewall? De oplossing is het gebruik van een reverse SSH tunnel. Je laat de andere computer dan een data connectie opzetten naar een computer […]

Allow javascript to close a firefox window

Just as a quick reminder for myself; firefox diasallows closing the window with javascript, sometimes, e.g. on a kiosk comp, it’s very handy to have the browser closed by javascript. 1. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter. 2. Find the setting dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows. 3. Double-click on the setting to set it to true to enable scripts to […]

Cloning Linux systems with CloneZilla

We will save all the partitions entries (both primary and logicial ones which appear in the extended partition). In this example, we’ll be assuming that hda (the first IDE hard disk) is to be backed up. First, we will save the MBR with DD (GNU convert and copy) cd /root mkdir partition-backup cd partition-backup dd […]