You can use composer to install phpunit, for example, inside a Symfony2 project; but it’s better to install it as a separate binary as it allows you to run unit test on all php scripts and it integrates better in phpStorm.

Create folder to hold php bins

I used an Applications folder in my windows home; but you can also user C:\bin or something like that.
Add the folder to your Path: e.g. add “;C:\bin” to your PATH environment variable. In the Advanced System Properties, Environment variables:
2015-02-23 13_35_17-Program Manager2015-02-23 13_36_31-Program Manager

Download the .phar file

Download and save the file as C:\bin\phpunit.phar

Create a .bat wrapper

Open a command line (e.g., press Windows+R » type cmd » ENTER)

cd C:\bin
echo @php "%~dp0phpunit.phar" %* > phpunit.cmd

Verify that it worked by openening a new command line: type “phpunit” and press enter. It should show the phpunit options.