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Build your own deployment pipeline hackathon

Last Tuesday I attended a trial of a continuous delivery (CD) hackathon that will be hosted by Itility on 21 March. It’s not just a silly event to show of your coding skills: you can actually win prizes including a 5 day, all inclusive, train journey to Berlin ending at Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival: […]

Enable syntax coloring on Jenkins with vim

When i’m offered the choice I will use Gitlab + Gitlab CI as it integrates everything that’s needed for a modern continuous deployment setup. But sometimes you are force to use Jenkins because it’s already available. It uses a java subset, called Grovy to facilitate building jobs. None of the normal IDE’s environments or texteditors […]

Installing Magento2 with docker

This is the second post in a series of post describing how to run Magento via Docker on Mac OS. Setting up a dockerized Magento2 is easy. Magento also provides a dev box, but this post focuses on having a production grade Magento ready for swarm deployment, with some scalability features so you can tweak […]

Install Magento2 on Mac OS with vagrant

As Magento2 is one of the most used ecommerce solutions, on this planet, there are a lot of ways to run it. A modern, full blown, production ready, Magento stack will probably consists out of: varnish, redis, nginx, php7-fpm, php7-cli, mysql and magento2 community edition (ce) or magento2 enterprise edition (ee). For development purposes you […]

5 Advantages of working agile

Agile software development is the preferred way for a lot of companies and successful software projects nowadays. As a professional software developer I used a lot of methods in the last years. School drilled me with traditional waterfall approaches like SDM and SDM II, this quickly changed to the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and a […]